Teak Wood

teak wood

There are 3 grades to distinguish the best teak wood. These grades will give an explanation for the knot visibility, texture, color, moisture content, durability, teak trees part, and so on. The grade A teak has constituted the best quality examine to the other. The B grade has knot clarity which makes it has a lower cost. The hindmost, C grade has high degree moisture from younger trees. Please take notice if there any cheap teak furniture offers. Check for the teak wood quality.

These days, some unlawful log of teak use to construct furniture. Of course, it will result in natural harm and make imbalance on earth. Here, we proudly say that All teak wood we use in our products comes from TFT supported teak plantations only.



All our wicker furniture is hand-woven with Viro wicker, a high-end synthetic Polyethylene Wicker. Viro is highly flexible, weather and UV resistant. This wicker has designed to be insensitive to temperature differences ranging between -26C-69C. It is 100 percent recyclable and resistant to chlorine and salt water. Sturdy and Durable, Recyclable and cleanable Maintenance Free.

physical and mechanical properties of Viro have tested by the (STP)Sentra Teknologi Polimer, Indonesia and the productivity and Standard Board, Singapore under the test methods issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the global corporation for Standardization (ISO).

Maintenance: This type of furniture can leave outside all year round and is able to stand very low and high temperatures. When extremely cold, the weave will become incredibly stiffer than normal and in extremely hot temperatures the weave will become more elastic. The furniture will keep its normal elastic property once the temperature stabilizes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

We use 304-grade stainless steel in our furniture. It contains a minimum of 18% chromium a maximum of 0.15% carbon and sufficient nickel to retain an austenitic structure at all temperatures. Grade 304 is the most adaptable and the most widely used of all stainless steels. Its mechanical properties, chemical composition, weldability and oxidation/corrosion resistance give the finest all-round performance stainless steel.

It uses in all commercial, industrial and domestic fields because of its fine corrosion and heat resisting properties. The surface finish on Stainless Steel is finely developed and maintained throughout the finishing process to make sure pleasing aesthetic look of Stainless Steel.

Cleaning: Stainless steel is normally resistant to corrosion. Natural hazards such as moisture and dust in the air can attack the finish on this type of garden furniture. A regular cleaning of stainless steel frames needs monthly basis to remove the natural deposits and salts. Use fresh water; spray the frames down very well at a high hose pressure. A soft dusting cloth can then be used to amplify the surface.

Batyline Mesh

Batyline Mesh

Batyline mesh is made by a French company, Ferrari, and is widely used in luxury garden furniture. Batyline mesh is an exceedingly long-lasting and prime material consisting of a polyester fiber covered by a coating of Polyvinyl chloride, making it nearly unbearable to tear. It is 100 percent synthetic and invulnerable to rot and mildew. It is highly resistant to UV fading and radiation. It can resist temperature extremes, ranging from -29C to 69C. It is a perfect material to be used near swimming pools or other aggressive environments with salt water or chlorine. Sagging is minimal as it has a maximum stretch of 4%. It also has a “memory” – it will slowly regain its authentic shape after it has used, especially when placed outdoors in the sun. Batyline mesh has seven advantages:

  • Full safety guarantees
  • Remarkable deterioration resistance
  • Perfect Aesthetics
  • Unparalleled stability
  • Very easy upkeep
  • Eco-design and 100 % recyclable
  • A quality and certification approach

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