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TeakVogue is a Malaysian-owned company that operates as an importer of high-end teak furniture, solid wood furniture, and synthetic wicker outdoor furniture. Our products come in a wide variety of styles, colors, finishes, and fabrics. Look no further, we have absolutely what you need. With products of the highest quality and furniture manufacturing operations in Indonesia, we are devoted to surpassing your expectations with our lovely products and first-class customer service.

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Indoor Teak Furniture Malaysia

Browse our wide selection of teak bed frames, solid wood dining table sets, chairs, TV cabinets, bookshelves, study tables, office tables, and more.

Custom Teak Wood Furniture “Made to Order”

Looking for your dream custom-made solid wood furniture & teak wood furniture in Malaysia?

Teak Furniture

Give your place an elegant touch and feel at affordable prices. Visit our teak furniture store near PJ, Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Shah Alam, Selangor to know more about us and our products.

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What is teak wood?

Teak is one of the most highly valuable timber trees. Teak wood is a popular choice for the construction of ships, boats, furniture, and other objects where durability is important. The Teak is resistant to rot, and insect attack, and has a high oil content that makes it resistant to water. The wood is also used for carved figurines and turned objects.

Tianzi Wooden Bed Side Table With 2 Drawers Malaysia

How do I tell what grade my teak wood is?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no standard grading system for teak wood. However, there are a few ways to determine the quality of teak wood. One way is to look at the color of the wood. The more uniform the teak color, the higher the grade. Another way to tell the grade of teak wood is to look at the grain. The more straight and consistent the grain, the higher the grade. Finally, you can also tell the grade of teak wood by its weight. The heavier the wood, the higher the grade.

Porto Teak Wood Sun Lounger

How long does teak last?

Teak is probably the most impressive material, due to its extremely resistant properties, minimal maintenance needs, and lasting potential of up to 70 years.

Puglia Wood Dining Table

What is the advantage of solid wood furniture?

One of the benefits of solid wood furniture is that it is built to last. When you invest in solid wood pieces, you can be confident that you will have them for many years to come. In contrast, furniture made from less durable materials is more likely to fall apart or show signs of wear and tear over time. Solid wood furniture can withstand the test of time, which makes it a wise investment for your home or office.